Quick Start Guide

Important: TxtWatcher currently supports any phone running the Android Operating System (OS) version 2.1 and higher. To verify the phone’s OS check under About Phone in the phone’s Settings menu. Also your child’s phone must have a data plan and Internet access from your provider.


TxtWatcher is secure. Only you can see your child’s messages



Step 1: Create your TxtWatcher Account

Go to the TxtWatcher website: TxtWatcher website and Register for an account.
Simply fill in your information and click Sign Up for TxtWatcher.
Next, enter the additional information and click Create Account for TxtWatcher.
Once your account is created, you will automatically be asked to log into TxtWatcher. Click Logon to TxtWatcher


Make sure to create a User ID and password that you will remember, to access TxtWatcher Member Portal in future.

Step 2: Specify the Phones to be monitored

Select “Phone Setup” and click Add Add Phone, enter your child’s phone information in the form, and press save when complete.

Specify the Phones to be monitored
Based on your membership level you may be able to monitor multiple phones from your TxtWatcher account.

Simply repeat steps 2-4 for each phone you want to monitor.

Step 3: Send the TxtWatcher App to Phone


It is important that you have possession of your child’s phone at this time.
Now it’s time to install the TxtWatcher app on your child’s phone.

Click Send App to Phone .

Send App to Phone
You will be asked to confirm that TxtWatcher will send a text message to the monitored phone with a link to the TxtWatcher app in the Android Market.

The link and the app itself is called: Alternatively, you can go directly to the Android Market now called Google Play and search for . Proceed to Step 4 to review the installation process.

Click Send Link to App

Send Link to App

Step 4: Installing the TxtWatcher App on a Phone

IMPORTANT Turn off the phone after installing and configuring the App to ensure the icon is removed from the Apps panel.

If you are familiar with downloading apps from the Google Play Store simply follow the prompts, accept the permissions, and at the end of the installation process select Allow Automatic Updating. Once the installation is complete, refresh the screen (turn screen off and back on) to wake up the TxtWatcher app, which is now monitoring your child’s text messages! If the installation is complete Go to: Delete the TxtWatcher App Link Text Message and Installation information at the end of Step 4.

If you are not familiar with downloading apps from the Play Store a screen by screen walk-though of the download process follows: Note: the download screens may vary slightly based on the type of cell phone your child has.

Installing Client on Phone

Installation Support:
In the event that you require technical assistance during installation, Contact Us tab on the TxtWatcher Home Page and send us a message.

Delete the TxtWatcher App Link Text Message and Installation information:
We recommend that you delete the Text Massage that was sent to your child’s phone with the link to the app download and any information related to the app install that may appear on the top of the phone.

If you searched for the App directly through Google Play, Delete Your History. From Google Play select menu option Settings -> Clear search history.

Step 5: Login to TxtWatcher and View Messages

Now that your child’s cell phone has the TxtWatcher app running simply log in to your TxtWatcher account and view your child’s messages, set alerts, and preferences.

Only the messages and pictures that were sent or received AFTER the app was installed will be visible on the Txtwatcher website.

Select Message Logs and use the drop-down menus to display message conversations during specific time periods.
Click Search to refresh the values that you entered and to display the message logs.
The Alerts and Pictures symbols allow you to specify if you want to view only messages that triggered alerts or contained pictures. Just click on the check box next to the alarm or camera symbol.

Account View
You can click on a “bubble” to walk through a text conversation. If TxtWatcher’s SmartAlec(tm) translation of the message content is available it will be displayed in the bubble.

View Message Logs with Translation