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About Talking Text Stats

TxtWatcher Talking Text Stats are a set of real-time statistics highlighting teen texting practices, based on data aggregated from mobile Android phones monitored by TxtWatcher’s Parental Text Message Monitoring service. Text messages are collected and analyzed by a series of powerful TxtWatcher content filtering and translation engines. The results of this analysis are presented in the graphic you see to the left. Realtime statistics are continually gathered and updated for presentation every twenty minutes. Historical information includes statistics from Yesterday, and a compilation of all data ever gathered (Historic Average). A Day of statistics gathering begins at midnight in the Eastern (New York) time zone. Any text message can be identified as containing one or more categories of interest. Predefined and constantly evolving TxtWatcher categories are used to determine the incorporation of Adult, Alcohol, Drugs, Crime, and Vulgar content within a message. Wordlists and a proprietary translation engine that is able to decipher texting slang are used to determine the true intent of a message. This unique technology gives us the ability to provide a comprehensive statistical view into messaging unlike anything ever seen before.

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